There are a variety of ways to get involved in the I Hate Math: Women in STEM Conference. Figure out what form of involvement suits you best!
One of the most important roles of the conference! We want passionate women in STEM to lead 20-40 minute interactive presentations about applications of mathematics, innovative branches of STEM, confidence building, and more! If it is something that YOU would have found interesting in middle school, then it is fair game to present on.
Signing up to be a Peer Mentor is a great way to be involved in the I Hate Math: Women in STEM Conference without actually be physically present at the conference. Peer Mentors are women generally between the ages of 16 and 30 who have been involved in STEM who want to give some words of wisdom the young women attending the conference. The Peer Mentor’s contact information and personal testimony are printed onto cards that are given to each of the participants to take home with them. The idea is to give participants the contact information for REAL person (not some stock quote about empowerment from a famous person) who she can contact if she needssupport or encouragement.
Click on the following link to be redirected to the online application to become a Peer Mentor. The application will be automatically sento to us for submission and we will reach out to you once we receive your application!
As a Lunch mentor, essentially your goal is to just befriend the participants. Lunch Mentors are stationed at each lunch table to spark positive discussions amongst the girls, answer any questions that they may have for you as a “role model”, and to help make sure that everyone feels included and is having fun! If interested, email ih8mathconference@gmail.com.
Setup, Cleanup, or Event Facilitation Team: Do you want to help us decorate, organize, or facilitate the day in general? Shoot us an email at ih8mathconfernece@gmail.com.